Wouldn't trust any of my weapons to another smith Fred has fixed and looked over a lot of my families guns and is the best smith and best price - Travis Colford

That is great because I have a tough one to fix. I have a Jimenez JA-9 that constantly jams.. Most people's recommendation is to buy another gun but it was my first gun - David Weissinger

Fred did a beautiful trigger job and replaced my sights with night sights. Fantastic job- Fred Rubino

Fred fixed my M&P9C so it's very reliable - Joe Amentastro

Greg D.

The real deal...OK...some guy's sell guns for a living...these guys eat, breath, and sleep guns. A local referred me to these guy's for gunsmiths. No doubt..they know guns...stop by and take a look...you'll be impressed.

Glad I found these guys in my backyard. They did 2 deals for me within a few weeks and both times impressed me with their professional service.

Their prices are good and if you're looking for an honest deal, Wolf is the place to go. I'm not even looking for other gunshops around here any more.

They are 30 minutes from me, and I'll make the trip any time to go see them.

Posted by Vincent

Enjoyed the quality of the employees who took the time to help me.

Friendly from the first moment I walked in to the place.

I will let my friends know the true meaning of taking care of the customer.

Make your next visit to a gun shop the best, Wolf's Gunworks.

Posted by Gina

Great people honest, friendly and very knowledgeable, no rust and great prices. This is the only honest gunshop around.

Posted by Bob